A Tree to Nurture
A Tree to Nurture alternate norse mythology stories

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A Tree to Nurture

Prophecies were imparted to human and God alike of the Doom of Powers, the Fate of the Gods, a collection of tales crafted by the Norns.

Though they do not tell the Gods of their fate an exception was made for the events of Ragnarok.

Some Gods interpreted these predictions as metaphor out of convenience and fear or legitimate belief. Others believed these words to be literal.

Everyone’s perspective changed when the most devastating parts of the prophecies had been challenged and eventually dismantled, causing the whole of it to unravel.

Much to the frustration of the pantheon the Norns did not know the true prophecy; this information was too sacred even for them.

There was only piece of information they knew for certain; rather there was one piece they could share, as they wouldn’t indicate if they knew more than they were willing to say.

Only one could access the actual prophecy, one who had the ability to bear the relic which housed the truths of the impending destruction.

Ragnarok, being beyond the knowledge and power of the Fates themselves,

was malleable and subject to change pending the actions of the one who could commune with that which carried inside itself the truth.

This person was chosen by the relic itself when it touches the corporeal form of someone who has proven worth, character, and strength.

The relic is fickle and meticulous in choosing its living counterpart, its mouthpiece, and the only one who could understand its unspoken ancient language.

This relic could foresee the potential destruction and the potential prevention of the End Days only upon merging with the sentience of the one worthy of holding it.

None could learn its words other than the counterpart, leaving the Gods in a state of anxiety until the wielder had been found.

This wielder was the one who tore apart the false story of the Norns.

And only the wielder, the one who understood an unspoken language nor dead or alive, could unravel the riddle conjured by the relic, the predictions in cryptic form.

They were derived from the wielder’s path up until the first encounter with the relic.

Beyond that nothing regarding Ragnarok was certain except that it would happen, rendering the power of all future seers and fortune tellers diluted and blurred.

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