A Timeline Torn
A Timeline Torn danny phantom stories

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A Timeline Torn

Danny flies through the GiW headquarters as silent as a mouse. The hallways are stark white, just like the standard issue suits they wear.

The halls are uniform in design and labelled by basement level and sector. Danny doesn’t know what the sector numbers mean, but he knows he’s looking for the ‘T’ section.

Clockwork had sent him here in an attempt to thwart the GiW’s plans to rip apart time and space. Of course, they don’t

that’s what they’re going to do. But it’s what is going to happen if their plans succeed.

The Father of Time had sent him because the machine the GiW were building messes with Clockworks’ vision. He can’t see clearly. He can barely

clearly when trying to look at it.

And since Danny had only gotten closer to Clockwork over the years, he’d been more than willing to help the Time Keeper stop the GiW from dismantling all of time and space.

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