A Thrilling Game of Cat and Mouse
A Thrilling Game of Cat and Mouse saul henderson stories

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A short story by ladytalon posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Thrilling Game of Cat and Mouse

He can't remember the last time he was able to truly relax - the assassin who has been shadowing him through three different systems, multiple so-called 'safe' houses, and his very

has made sure of that. Attempting to fight back does no good, and neither does setting traps; whomever has been hired to end his life is a consummate professional.

Jeffrey Blake considers himself a man who can appreciate professionalism.

He would never have risen to the Hyperion Vice Presidency (and subsequently inherited Jack's position after the man's passing) if he did not,

yet he is quickly approaching the end of his patience. He has been ceaselessly hounded and Blake’s beginning to think he should simply let himself be killed just to get it over with.

is supposed to be the proverbial cat in this situation, not the mouse!

Blake drags himself from the flaming wreck of his car,

cursing himself for deciding to come back to Pandora – his mental state must truly be in danger if he’d genuinely thought that by coming here he could finally throw his pursuer off the trail.

Instead, the attacks have increased exponentially; almost as if the hired killer has intimate knowledge of this terrible planet’s terrain.

He’s barely survived numerous attempts on his life, this wreck being only the latest terror visited on him.

Blake pats himself down with shaking hands, still partly deaf from the sound of the explosion – a land mine, apparently – and staggers on towards his destination,

a Fast Travel station hidden in a shack. At least, he hopes that it’s still there…

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