A Thousand Paper Wings
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A work by funkyinfishnet adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Thousand Paper Wings

When Martin and Harriet left the office, they were carrying two bags full of paper cranes.

Harriet couldn’t stop smiling, she’d glance toward Martin or the cranes and then she was smiling even more because she was with Martin and their free hands were clasped together.

There was every possible reason to smile, to feel like so many bubbles were floating up inside of her.

Martin was smiling too. Harriet had folded him a thousand paper cranes. No one had ever done anything even close to that awesome for him before. She was unreal and she was holding his hand.

Her skin was really soft. She’d tasted like latte foam. She’d kissed him back and then when he’d pulled away, to check that it was all okay, she’d kissed him again. Then it had rained cranes.

His wish had been amazingly granted.

Martin glanced down at the bag tucked close to his feet. The cranes were all different colors. It still made him smile in giddy disbelief. Harriet had folded every single one herself.

She’d given herself papercuts, for him.

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