A Thistle Cannot Grow
A Thistle Cannot Grow nsfw stories

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A Thistle Cannot Grow

Everyone thought that Archibald, Lord Craven was mad as a March hare when he allowed his niece Mary Lennox to go to university with her cousin Colin.

But the two always have been together, and they spent time that wasn’t used for studying or socialising with the people from the people they met in Oxford with their friend Dickon,

who recently completed his education in the Royal Agricultural College.

In gratitude for his contribution towards his son’s ascent to good health, Archibald had taken an interest in young Dickon Sowerby. The lad was bright and quick, with a dab hand at gardening.

So after Archibald conferred with a very exultant and grateful Susan Sowerby, Dickon would be going to the local school, then the Royal Agricultural College.

All expenses would be paid for by Archibald—asking nothing in return but for the lad to make a good living for himself and help his family.

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