A Thing Never Meant to Be
A Thing Never Meant to Be fiore stories

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A short story by strangeblueglow adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Thing Never Meant to Be

Fiore thought that it was some sort of punishment. He didn’t have any idea what he’d done wrong to deserve it, though.

He always tried to be so good, to follow the rules to the letter and do his best when the rules didn’t cover a situation,

but obviously he’d done something at some point that he needed to be disciplined for. He was going to be living with a

of all things, taking care of a traitor’s spawn. It baffled him, but he accepted his fate.

DeBlanc, on the other hand, couldn’t accept fast enough when offered the position.

Sure, having to share space with an angel didn’t sound like paradise, and neither did permanently babysitting another demon’s little mistake, but he’d be out of Hell.

No more echos of the damned or cold darkness or pain. That was worth it and more, really.

The first meeting was… tense… to say the least. They’d both been briefed on their task and left in the plain but comfortable housing that was now theirs to share.

Their charge was called Genesis, and it took comfort in residing in a coffee can of all things, communicating in squeals and coos and laughs like an infant.

It was a bit endearing, and both angel and demon wouldn’t have minded the situation if not for their respective counterpart standing opposite of them.

They glared at each other across the room for a moment in silence.

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