A Thief's Calling
A Thief's Calling gollum is scary stories

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A Thief's Calling

Nori considered himself very fortunate in that he still had had their

to explain the important things to him.

Kori had been a great Dwarrowdam,

considered the best by her sons; she was realistic in her outlook on life but had enough hope to last them through the hard times until first Dori then Nori could do their part to help.

Men had an expression he thought fit very well, even if no one else seemed to quite understand how one Dwarf could be more `down to earth´ than another.

Kori taught them of

, the inner need of every Dwarf to learn and master a specific craft, of

, a Dwarf’s one love that made all others pale in comparison, and of

, the need to create something for their One and only them. What The Calling resulted in, commonly called

, varied from Dwarf to Dwarf, and it quite often didn’t make any sense at all until they actually met their One and wasn’t always at their first meeting either. Anything was possible, and their

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