A Thief and a Queen
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written piece by mackenziew adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Thief and a Queen


King Leopold insisted on hosting a masquerade ball to celebrate their first anniversary.

Regina didn’t feel like celebrating a marriage she felt trapped in, especially when it would be so close to the one year anniversary of Daniel’s death.

But like most things in her life, she had no say. She had no choice but to smile, nod and thank her husband for his kindness.

Before she knew it, the night of the masquerade arrived. She had decided to wear a silver dress, a feminine color that also symbolized mysteriousness.

Regina curled her dark red lips into a smirk at the thought. Everyone was going to expect the queen to be wearing gold.

And she was going to be wearing a mask which covered her entire face, something queens didn’t do. She didn’t care.

Her entire costume had been planned to give her a chance to slip into the crowd unnoticed for a little while.

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