A Tale Of The Broken
A Tale Of The Broken lánh had bpd stories

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A Tale Of The Broken

She is broken. A monster. Royally fucked up in the head. She knew this even as a kid.

Because she, was born a he.

When she woke up and found her mother, she had immediately told her that she was a boy. And her twin was one too.

At first, she agreed, and even though it felt weird, and the name "Alastor" felt weird on her tongue, she accepted it. I mean, why would her mom ever lie?

Her brother, Cruz, loved his name, and his gender. He was everything she wasn't, and she idealized him because of it.

She had a hard time interesting with the other kids her age, only sticking by her brother and his multitude of friends.

But, the older she got, the less she started to feel like herself. She started feeling like a different person, like she didn't belong in this body.

She wanted to grow out her hair, wear shirts and dresses, and join all the other girls.

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