A Tale of a Chemical Romance
A Tale of a Chemical Romance gabe saporta stories

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A Tale of a Chemical Romance

September 13, 2001

“I wanna do this thing

. Like, I think we really have something special here. I can feel it.

” Gerard Way is speaking out loud, and although his friends Raymond "Ray" Toro and Matt “Otter” Pelissier are hanging out with him in the tiny, half-destroyed attic,

he feels as though he’s speaking mainly to himself, the passion kindling deep within him taking him someplace far away in his mind…

Just days earlier on September 11th, Gerard had watched helplessly from across the Hudson River in Hoboken,

NJ as the Manhattan World Trade Center towers crumbled to the ground after a massive terrorist attack.

Gerard had been on his way to work at Fun House at the time (where he was designing action figures full-time),

and as he stood there watching the black smoke and debris billow above the heartbroken city, he realized that he's wasting his time with cartoons, that life is precious and short,

and that he needs to go out there and really achieve something during the time he has on Earth.

He decided to say 'fuck off' to the rest of his life and start a band; he knew right away that’s what he wanted to do.

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