A Swift Serenade
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A Swift Serenade

Me and Raven were in our early adult days when we found her on the porch of our home.

A baby girl, not a few weeks old, just lying there in a basket, wrapped in blankets, just waiting to be found. She didn't cry. She didn't make a noise.

I honestly don't know what got me to sense there was something - or in this case, someone - outside.

Perhaps it was the infant. I knew she had special gifts the moment I laid my eyes on her. But I never thought she'd become so strong and powerful as she is today.

No. In my early days, I was still naive.

Please take care of her. I have heard people say you are an expert in human genetics. I can't take care of her myself. She wouldn't be able to grow up happily.

I can't bring her to an orphanage either. I think you know why. She's different than the other children. She could hurt someone.

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