A Supernatural Sequel
A Supernatural Sequel rough sex stories

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A short story by winchestersshorty1980fl posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Supernatural Sequel

“Cut, print that.” Bob Singer said before coming out of the tented area he and a couple of other people were in.

“Mark, Misha that was great, now lets take 5.” Bob said.

“Hey Mel, can you go get Jared and Jensen I need them for the next scene in about 20 minutes.” Bob said talking into his walkie.

Mel looked up and pressed the button on her headset, “Yeah sure Bob, right away.”

“Thanks sweetie.” Bob said.

Mel smiled at the endearment and as she was walking to Jared's trailer, which no doubt that is where they would more than likely be,

she still can't believe she has been here for a whole year now.

The cast and crew loved her so much when she came up here to be an extra for a couple of episodes after the memorable Con weekend she had with the boys where they told her she would only be

up here for a couple of months to be an extra, that they kept her on and now she is Jared's and Jensen's PA. She loves every moment of it.

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