A Sudden Rush Of Magic
A Sudden Rush Of Magic natasha romanov stories

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fanfic by chimyra adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Sudden Rush Of Magic

Life is the moments between decisions. The time spent dealing with consequences before the next fork in the road. A fact that Darcy Lewis knew better than most.

For instance, had Darcy taken up the family business, she never would have been put on the path to meet Jane. Another decision had come after New Mexico.

She could have cut and run, and really who would have blamed her? Darcy knew how to disappear,well, figuratively speaking of course.

What could she say? She had learned a rather uncommon skill set from her mother alongside the art passed down by her grandfather.

And that’s not to mention the little “gift” her father had left her with.

It was his “gift” that had led her to choose Political Science over Engineering in the first place. So really it was his own damn fault she had wound up Avengers adjacent.

A fact he lamented anytime she actually got to see him.

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