A Stranger Returned
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A Stranger Returned

Mary Winchester’s life ended where her second life had begun.

It was in the place where she met the man who had taught her how to love and how to live. He had given her hope for a better life in an existence full of death.

And the man she loved never knew the full details of what she was running from. He had never pushed her for details as he trusted her implicitly and without question.

And it was with him she found the first home she had ever known. But she knew it couldn’t last.

That thought was in her mind every day but she pushed it aside so forcefully that it became nothing more than a dull itch in the back of her mind that she could ignore.

So when the unthinkable happened she wasn’t prepared.

It was a dark night when they finally came for her. It had been such a normal day.

John was out getting replacement parts for the engine of his beloved Impala and it was just her boys and her in the docked ship waiting for repairs.

Mary had smiled at Deans antics as he tried to make his baby brother laugh. The boys adored each other.

Dean, the ever doting older brother and Sammy, the youngest, who looked at his older brother with hero worship in his big brown eyes.

She was still amazed that she had managed to get her dream of a happy family.

But Mary had already started to worry well before long dormant instincts that she had worked hard to supress, warned her of the approaching danger.

First it started as just a feeling that something was wrong. She was pacing anxiously, her entire body rigid with tension. John had been gone too long for a simple supply run.

John was a good man and could defend himself against most people but the people searching for her weren’t just ordinary people and she started to wish,

for the first time that she had told John the full truth.

She had been so scared of his reaction that even though she had always known that this day may come, that they might track her down she hadn’t told him her real history.

So when the lights flickered and died she knew that her time of joy was over. But right now she wasn’t concerned for her own safety, or even Johns, only that of her two young, defenceless sons.

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