A Stony life (and hulkeye)
A Stony life (and hulkeye) loki/thor stories

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A Stony life (and hulkeye)


"hey guys want to.." "not now tony" was said from every avenger. " I was going to ask you guys if you wanted to go to th bar" I said half yelling. "count me in" "ok" came from natasha and clint.

I looked at bruce and steve for an answer. "ok i think it would be fun" came from bruce and steve just nodded.

Bruce Pov

When we reached the bar all that was heard was load music and chatering.

As soon we entered Clint and Tony started having a drinking competition while natasha was flirting and steve and me were the only ones not doing something." so want a drink" steve said "sure"

A few hours later I see Clint walking up to me drunk as ever. "hey greenie had any fun yet." he said chuckling like a manic after.

"hey why dont you and me have some fun if you know what i mean" he said putting his hand on my thigh. "no clint your drunk" but he pinned me down and kissed me madly.

"uh cl in t stooop" i said going higher when he grabbed my but. Next thing i knew i was in a room having sex with Clint wow never thought that would happen

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