A Spy or Family
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A short story by ritethewrongs adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Spy or Family

Blades Pov.

I trudged through the forest as quietly as I could. Ok, more like limped. And I'm sure I'm louder than a herd of Insecticons. After a few miles, I collapsed in a large clearing.

I knew that the others weren't looking for me or they would have found me. I was leaving a pretty good sized trail of energon. Oh well. I knew that I would bleed out before they got here.

The glass of my canopy had nicked a main energon line. With this knowledge, I sighed. I was about to accept my fate and fade into nothingness, but something caught my optic.

It was a energon crystal, but it was purple. I slowly crawled to the crystal and grabbed it. It felt warm, but evil. For some reason I found it comforting.

Putting it in my cockpit, I faded into blissful darkness.

Knockout pov.

I cursed as I walked through the woods on a remote island in the middle of Primus- forsaken nowhere.

Megatron had to send me to retrieve the dark energon signal we had found, didn't he? The limbs of the trees scratched my paint job as I continued walking.

As I neared the clearing, I knew something was wrong. There was a lot of energon going to the clearing and an obvious energy signal coming from the clearing.

I prepared my weapons in case it was an Autobot and headed in. In the clearing, a young helicopter that was severely injured and unconscious.

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