A special date night
A special date night dennis "asbo" severs stories

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A special date night

Dennis is really apprehensive today cause the mission at hand cannot go wrong, there's too much at stake and he would be the only one to blame if things went south.

Ashley is still at work but she'll be back soon and everything needs to be ready before that.

His mum came by earlier to get baby Emma with her for the night and wish him a good Valentine's date night with his girlfriend.

Since they got together for good a year and a half ago, everything fell into place easily for Dennis, like she had been the missing piece in the puzzle of his life.

She's still working at her aunt's hairdressing salon and him at the fire station but they now have their own place since Ashley got pregnant and they're trying to set money aside for her

to open her own business someday.

Even if Emma's birth was not planned, they were so happy to welcome her in their lives and Dennis is trying his best everyday to be a better dad than his was.

Not that it's difficult to achieve with the level his dad had, but still. He thinks he's doing a pretty decent job.

Plus his mom and Ashley's are always happy to help them with their grand-daughter.

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