a spark (can set a forest on fire)
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a spark (can set a forest on fire)

“I knew that I was dying.

something in me said, go ahead,

die, sleep, become as them, accept.

then something else in me said, no,

save the tiniest bit. it needn’t be much,

just a spark. a spark can set a whole

forest on fire. just a spark. save it.”

— (C.Bukowski)

Tatsu decides to visit them.

She doesn't know why, not at first. Then she does. It's something invisible and heavy that pulls her to the prison to see them. It's unclear at the start,

she's feeling or why she's feeling it, but it's something that she's carried with her since the night in the city. She carries it with her until she can't.

Until it grows and turns into something stronger, and eventually it clears and she knows. Tatsu knows she can't fight it anymore.

Her resolve to stay away from them slowly crumbles, she's still part of the team (and

, she tells herself, that's what they were that night. It's what they are, or what they could be again one day) and she thinks of them often.

They're something fractured and unsteady, and the four of them locked away in Belle Reve Penitentiary are criminals—but they call themselves a team,

and she's a part of that now because of what they went through together.

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