A Sorrowful Night.
A Sorrowful Night. emilie de ravin stories

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A Sorrowful Night.

Bobby is sprawled along the small leather couch in his trailer. An elegant lamp in the corner prevents him from being encased in darkness.

He holds a small glass of whiskey in his hand which he had poured himself after finishing a late night shoot with Lana.

He is in no rush to go back to his empty house and subsequently be faced with being lonely. He downs the remains of the amber liquid and lies with his head against the arm of the couch.

He sighs. His mind is restless with thoughts of her; Her smile, her beautiful blue eyes and the curve of her neck.

His mind ponders on her eyes for a moment and he joyfully recalls the way that they sparkle in the sun.

He smiles slightly as he thinks of her ability to bring an unimaginable amount of happiness into his life. He misses her. He misses her beauty and the smile she kept just for him.

He misses her hearty laugh and the way she held him close to her. He misses the way things used to be. He becomes lost in his thoughts for several minutes and slowly slips into a light slumber.

A faint knock on the door of his trailer pulls him softly from his stupor. He groans. His limbs feel heavy with fatigue and his feet seem unwilling to cooperate with him.

Bobby glances at his wrist watch. He squints slightly as his vision struggles to focus in the dimly lit room. 1am. Who could possibly be here at this time of the night.

He rolls his eyes half heartedly at the intruder.

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