A Song of Snakes and Wolves
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A Song of Snakes and Wolves

She had never been so excited about anything before.

Brandon had told her that all the great lords of The Seven Kingdoms would be at the tourney of Harenhall,

and he had also laughed and said that he would defeat them all and crown her Queen of Love and Beauty.

But she couldn't care less about that.

Ned and Benjen where at the stables while Brandon talked to their father and Lyanna let herself fall on the bed and closed her eyes.

They were supposed to meet Catelyn and Lysa Tully, and their father, Lord Hoster, at the tourney and her father had asked her to be nice to the girl who would soon be her sister in law.

Lyanna, who had come to love Brandon more than any other of her brothers, didn't want to let him go.

She had never met Catelyn Tully but she was sure she would not like her.

"Lya" called Benjen "we are ready to go."

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