A Slip of the Tongue
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A fiction by demonized adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Slip of the Tongue

Jason had a penchant for getting into trouble because of something he'd said before, but this…it went beyond taking the fucking cake.

This cleared out an entire goddamn bakery for the shit he suddenly found himself in. All because of a goddamn figure of speech.

Citra had been eying him like he was a piece of goddamn meat, and he was familiar with the look she'd been giving him.

It was the first thing he could think of, because he was still trying to wrap his head around them being related. It was obvious now more than ever.

Crazy was apparently genetic, and Citra had it in fucking spades compared to Vaas. She had taken his offhanded remark, which he had meant as he wasn't interested in women period, literally.

So what did Citra do?

She used her goddamn magic or whatever the fuck she had control over to turn Jason into a woman.

Not the gender transformation that took many painstaking surgeries and lots of hormone injections to achieve, but as if he'd been born one.

It was incredibly painful, and had taken six hours for the full switch.

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