A Sith in Jedi Robes
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A Sith in Jedi Robes

Disclaimer: Don’t own Star Wars

This is in a way a sequel to ‘The True Sith’ though that is still unfinished. You should be able to follow this without having read it though.

AU and time travel are involved.

Chapter 1

Obi-Wan kept his eyes shut as he tried to remember what could have possible happened to make his head pound in such a way.

He had been………ah yes, he had just finished the first long conversation he had had with Master Yoda since the truth had been revealed all those years ago in Sidious’ office.

Yes, they had spoken occasionally over the years, especially when the twins had joined the Temple and then Anakin’s son had followed them there,

but they had never truly spoken about the time between his being sent away until Sidious’ death and Padme being elected as the new Chancellor.

Yoda had taken the fact that he and Anakin were Sith very hard but had come to accept they were a different type of Sith to Sidious and his various apprentices.

Even the Jedi were almost unrecognisable now compared to when Anakin had been turned away.

Emotion was no longer denied, though it was monitored, and children were no longer totally cut off from their birth families unless they wished it.

Luke and Leia came still came home most weekends to be with their parents. The Republic had flourished under Padme’s rule with him always by her side.

Slavery had been abolished even in the Outer Rim and commerce was booming.

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