A Sirius Twist
A Sirius Twist harry just wants to find a way to get back to her own time stories

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A Sirius Twist

My senses came back to me quite suddenly. One moment I was watching Dumbledore disappear into the swirling white mist, and the next I'm back in my body.

Hair is sprawled across my face, and my limps are limp and bent in awkward angles from the force of the killing curse that had slammed into my chest. Everything throbs.

I can feel my wand digging into my side, and my fathers invisibility cloak pressing against my stomach. The earth beneath me is cool and slightly damp against my cheek.

Forcing my body to remain loose, I strained my ears for any sound of Voldemort or his followers.

Time passed slowly as I lay there waiting for something to happen, for them to learn I was still alive. Nothing happened. Ever so slowly, I opened my eyes to a deserted clearing.

There was no sign of anyone. Light shone through the canopy of leaves high above me. Something wasn't right. How long had I been out?

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