A Silent Sound Of Loneliness
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A Silent Sound Of Loneliness

Shuichi was concerned, and not just slightly. Rightfully so, in his opinion.

Shirogane was drinking. No more than a human out to indulge in the taste of good spirits, and behaving as blissfully unconcerned as said human, but the mere fact alone in combination with

he was drinking was enough that Shuichi had become suspicious of the cause.

And while most of the time he tried to do the polite thing and not read people, sometimes it was better to put manners aside and just allow his ability to flow free,

especially when a friend was so burdened.

What he had discovered had chilled him to the bone.

He knew that Shirogane had been devastated by Ryuuko's death.

Not surprising, given that Ryuuko had died in his arms,

and Shuichi had known that the relationship between the two had never been what it had seemed to those who did not have the ability to see past the exterior and straight into the heart

of people. For all their bickering, they had cared deeply about each other. The two direct Kings had been each other's counterpart for as long as either had been able to remember.

Two halves of a whole, who had been each other's only constant in the eternal ebb and flow of Light and Shadow they had been the rulers of.

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