A Shared Hallucination.
A Shared Hallucination. ben solo  stories

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A fiction by leeizzy adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Shared Hallucination.

Poe wakes up by the feeling of sunlight warm on his skin. Most of the times, he loves it. It’s just like flying in an X-wing. But this time, it feels like a crash.

What a better way to celebrate graduation than partying all night and a hangover from hell! Poe’s mouth is dry, head keeps spinning and it hurts like shit.

But it’s nothing compare to his body, especially his hip, his back. And he can tell there’s something going on with his skin too. Poe just hopes it’s something he can hide with clothes.

He doesn’t want to make his crush worry. Keeping his eyes seal tight, Poe groans and tries to hide from the light that making him tear up miserably.

From the spiky taste of something mixed with alcohol, Poe’s mind starts wandering.

? It could probably just the eighteen-him going through a puppy-love but Poe can’t help it. He doesn’t know how long he has gone with it. Honestly he doesn’t know when it started.

Until it comes more and more often. He should do something about it now before ending up like the frog in that slow-burn experiment.

And losing the only best friend he has ever had, yeah, he got it.

But until that, can he have just a little bit… More? Can he have those brief moments of fake innocence, those he has been trying to last?

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