A Series of Usagi
A Series of Usagi crossover stories

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A Series of Usagi

Chapter 1: Treaty

Summary: the real reason Madara agreed to the peace treaty.

Crossover: Naruto

Characters: Usagi, Madara

Pairings: UsagixMadara

Usagi huffed as she watched her husband pout with his arms crossed over his chest, intending to not look at her. Seriously, her husband could be such a child when they were in private.

"Do it." She growled.

"No." Madara growled back. She felt a tick form over her eye.

"Madara you will accept this treaty!"

"There is no way I will make peace with those tree-hugging twits!" Madara shot back. Usagi felt her temper reach its breaking point now.

If her husband wanted to act like a child then she'll treat him like one!

"Nothing you say?" she said in a very calm and sweet tone. Madara stiffened and glanced back at her with unease.

"Nothing you say will make me agree to this." He repeated. His wife's smile made his unease sky-rocket.

"Fine then, don't agree."


"You can mend your socks yourself."

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