A Series of Texts
A Series of Texts art/nice (hamatora) stories

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A fanfic by freakishly_cute adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Series of Texts

< HEYYY ART!!! whacha doing??!!?>

<Hi Nice! :) I’m finishing up some paper work>

<That sounds boring! I made cookies, come by later??? >

<Sorry Nice, I wish I could, but the workload is a lot, I can’t afford to go right now>

<Meanie :P and After all my hard work too! T_T >

< I’m really sorry, Tell Murasaki I’ll make it up to him for baking those cookies :) >

<Hey!!! Who said he made them Huh??!! I can make cookies too you know! He doesn’t do everything around here>

<...But I’ll let him know...>

< :P >

< HEyyy!! ART! I found this new pastry place! the Cake here is delicious, or least from the free samples I’ve had they taste pretty good! Wanna come try it out? >

< Will noon work? Just for a small bite though, I have to go back to work >

< :D :D :D YAY!! Its called Lover’s Sweets, it’s about 15 minutes away from your work. And don’t worry I already know which one we should get, It’s called Eternal Love!! See you soon! <3 >

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