A Series of Engagements
A Series of Engagements arthur hammond stories

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A Series of Engagements

“I am so very deeply indebted to you,” said Temeraire again, earnestly, for perhaps the dozenth time that hour.

Lady Allendale received it graciously, however, and smiling said, “Why, Temeraire, I hope you should never have to hesitate to ask me for assistance.

But what I have contributed, I am sure I do not know, for you have everything well in hand.”

Temeraire was happy to preen at this compliment, coming as it did from such an august source, but sadly this was not at all true.

The place settings had been misplaced, just now, which would have placed Lord H— and Mr. N— together: an event sure to end in disaster, if not a fistfight.

That would at least have taken care of the entertainment.

Temeraire had grown particular in regards to musicians, and been much given to regret the quartet he had hired; but it was already done, the money spent.

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