A Second Chance
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A Second Chance

“Eli I need to speak to her. Will’s been shot, Eli. They don’t know if he’s going to make it. I NEED to speak to Alicia.”

“Yes, just a second”

Eli walks to Alicia and taps her on the shoulder,

“There’s a call for you”


“Yes, you have to take it.”

Eli can see it in Alicia’s eyes when Kalinda tells her, he knows the moment her knees go weak and he worries she might fall over.  He grabs her shoulder to steady her but she pushes him off.

He tells her to go, where he’s telling her to go he’s not sure, and as Alicia walks away she’s not sure where she’s headed either.

Before she can comprehend what she’s doing she’s in her car, it’s eerily quiet and as she sits at the stop light and watches, the world continues on around her.

How can people still be shopping, how are they walking!?

! Will might not make it! She doesn’t know where to go, she’s afraid to go to the hospital, she doesn’t want to see the aftermath of the shooting, but she isn’t sure where to turn.

In a strange daze Alicia finds herself at LG and she’s riding the elevator to the 28

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