A Second Chance
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A fiction by tazzy_ladynero posted on commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Second Chance

The sun was shining in the bright blue sky as a playful breeze danced through the Vatican’s gardens, ruffling hair and twitching skirts, causing more than a few nuns to squeal with laughter.

More than a few smiles were generated by those happy sounds, including one that appeared on the face of Father Abel Nightroad as he cross the gardens on the way to his meeting.

His long silver hair dancing around him from the high tail it was caught in.

He had to admit to some curiosity as to why he was being summoned to Cardinal Caterina Sforza’s office as missions had been slowing down with the signing of the Peace Treaty between the

three large kingdoms.

Those in the Department of Foreign Affairs had been enjoying the peace in between the minor missions to put out brush fires from those trying to fill the void left behind by the destruction

of the Rosenkreutz Order’s destruction, but Abel had not heard of any missions in the works that would require a meeting with Caterina.

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