A Scorched Heart
A Scorched Heart newt (maze runner) stories

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A Scorched Heart

Chapter 1

The beginning

Sansa flung her eyes open as she let out a wild scream, panting. Her blanket and pillow were soaking wet from all her sweat.

Sansa’s friends, or actually, those closer to family, seemed even more startled than Sansa herself.

“What the…! Sansa, you ‘kay?” Newt jumped down from his bunker and came running toward Sansa. Everyone followed Newt’s trail, the attention in the whole room being concentrated only on her.

Sansa’s vision was still too blurry to see anything clearly. Everything was white and greyish, and the sight of her deepest terrors lingered on her eyes.

She came back to earth as she felt a familiar touch on her hotly burning face. It was Newt. Her forever best friend. But for Sansa, Newt was more than a friend.

He was more of a brother who always seemed to be there for her. And she had sworn in the maze that she too, would always be there for Newt.

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