A Royal Vacation
A Royal Vacation  prince of tennis stories

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A Royal Vacation


I wanna thank you for choosing to continued this fiction.

I really like the story so far, and with how you make it up, I'm not gonna complaint, of course there would be a different style in writting,

but I'm quite satisfied with how thing's goin' between our favorite Royal Pair.

And you really good to make the still in denial stage Ryoma to his own feeling and with all of the other's reaction to see them on date, or maybe we should call it stalker.

Thank you for your review, sierrafujo, I didn't know that you were a huge fan of the royal pair, but I am really glad you liked the story.


This story between atobe & ryoma is quite interesting

Thank you for your review, and I am glad you found this very interesting. If you liked Hyotei's first date, you will love this next novel that serves as a sequel.

Read the rest via the link in the description!

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