A royal pain
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A royal pain

The sun rose over Alternias dales and mountains giving the landscapes a fresh taste of the morning sun. The land was beautiful and rich on forests and beasts walking along the meadows.

In this landscapes lived trolls, sharing the ground under their feet together. Yet a special spectrum was important to notice in this land.

Each and every troll had a different kind of colour on their blood. Some blue others red. A whole scale of the rainbows colours and more was running through different trolls veins.

Some were counted to be highbloods others midbloods and some lowbloods. That meant to spot the difference between each troll and where they were meant to be stated in the spectrum.

Warmer colours, such as red, brown and yellow were classed as lowbloods.

Green, and lighter blue colours were stated as midbloods and indigo to the more purple scales and lighter were highbloods.

Highbloods were royals and lived in castles making rules for their own kingdom. Highbloods could also be seen as horrible creatures.

They were greedy, mean and took everything they wanted! They didn’t care if people they did not care about got hurt or if they split up families in their greed to collect slaves or treasures.

Midbloods we’re nicer but preferred to not be bothered if it weren’t extremely important. They rarely left their homes if it weren’t a visit to the town or any other way to get food or supplies.

Lowblood were warmer but cared most of everything to be treated with the respect they deserved!

They cared for their families and the land they lived in and refused to stand back and get pushed over. Even though all this, most troll were the same.

Caring for themselves but could befriend anyone.

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