A Road Trip With Difficulties
A Road Trip With Difficulties melissa glaser stories

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A story by jacquelee adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Road Trip With Difficulties

"Why can't you go? Why does it have to be me?"

Faye was aware that she was whining but she couldn't help it.

There was little that sounded less appealing than spending three hours in a cart with Cassie Blake to get to her distillery and then three hours back.

She had been suspicious about their new supplier from the second she had stepped foot in the door.

It was obvious she was a witch, she never tried to hide that fact or her heritage, but she also send Faye's stuck up high class, never have fun, do everything by the book,

rich little girl senses into overdrive.

The only reason she hadn't shown Cassie Blake the door right away was Diana. Trusting Diana. Diana who loved doing things by the book.

Diana who was far too concerned about everything and far too little about having fun – which granted, they needed to run this operation which was why Faye put up with it in the first place,

but really, two of those? That was too much to ask.

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