A Rider of a Different Sort
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A Rider of a Different Sort

*a flash of light,a man wearing white clothes that looked ancient turning into an armored warrior then sealing himself away*

*a cold conference room watching shaky camera footage of a being covered by shadows slaughtering a archeological team who just made the most important find of their careers*

*putting the strange belt "arcle" on your waist to distract the spider creature from killing more people,

the first thought you have as the belt/*Amadam* burns it's way into your soul if that things will never be the same*

* a smile of pure joy as your arms move in a pattern that should be weird but instead feels completely natural "Ichijou-San witness my HENSHIN!!" *

*dying in a hospital while Dr.

Tsubaki shocks you in an attempt to revive you all the while a Golden sheath in you spirit answers and the Amadam gladly uses this unlimited source of energy to give you more power*

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