A Resident from a Strange World
A Resident from a Strange World kitora ai stories

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A Resident from a Strange World

Uncle Kido would frown. He'd probably sigh and shake his head at him before saying, "You really are his son," in that usual tired tone and giving him an hour long lecture on why he shouldn't-

use his black trigger where civilians could see him; never mind the fact that he's not Amou and that alone should give him a free pass.

On Yuuma's defense, it was for a good cause- altruistic and everything.

"Narasaka's close," he hears Miwa-senpai say over his earpiece, followed by Narasaka-senpai giving his coordinates. "Your orders are not to engage.

" Yuuma can practically hear the frown on Miwa-senpai's face.

He sighs and turns back to the scene in front of him through the small hole the rubble, that must have once been someone's home, allows.

He watches the thugs from his newly transferred classroom scream and run after the giant trion soldier had finished crossing over.

A bamster he recognizes; slow as hell but quite capable of property damage and trampling over civilians, or at least those it deemed as unnecessary because of their low trion levels.

Four eyes (he should know his name, Yuuma acknowledges, since the teacher did ask the guy to help Yuuma get used his new classroom and all) scrambles to his feet in the opposite direction.

Figures, who would run after a trion soldier of that size?

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