A Remission Before God
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A Remission Before God

It was some time before Javert could fully acknowledge this, but the evidence was clear: in bringing about his rescue from the Seine, God, that unknowable superior,

had shown him the ultimate grace.

For it appeared He had torn up Javert’s resignation note, rejecting his attempt to drown himself in dark waters.

He had prevented him from committing the ultimate of sins, which would have resulted in the ultimate punishment – the everlasting condemnation and death of hell,

from which there could be no hope of salvation.

That night on the parapet of the quay at the angle of the Pont Notre-Dame, Javert had looked into his soul and not seen a way to reconcile the two paths that had opened before him.

He could not discern how a former convict — feared amongst even those hardened criminals in Toulon — who had had Javert in his grasp, who should have taken his revenge,

had chosen to ruin himself rather than ruin his enemy. How was it that such a man, condemned by society, might find himself at the summit of everything that was correct and holy?

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