A Reflection of Starlight
A Reflection of Starlight javert's mother stories

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A Reflection of Starlight

-Leo Jozef Suenens

Either mechanically or for the sake of fresh air, Valjean stuck his head through the window, leaning out. The street was short, and the lantern illuminated it from end to end.

Amazement overwhelmed him. There was no longer anyone there.

Javert had left.

Valjean stood motionless, unable to comprehend how this could be.

In retrospect, he would not be sure why he had done this, only that something strange had come over him—a sense of wonder, of suspicion and curiosity—and he had ceased, for a moment,

to think rationally.

There was something almost foreboding in the atmosphere. That shadowed, empty street. The motionless, heavy air. The blackened sky.

The lack of a presence that should have been there, its absence like a lingering ghost, silent, beckoning him into the depths of the night.

Trance-like, he descended the stairs and reopened the door, entirely oblivious to the porter’s questioning voice behind him, walking out into the street.

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