A Puzzle Just For Me
A Puzzle Just For Me degradation kink stories

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A short story by neroli9 adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Puzzle Just For Me

There'd been a gleam in Muffet's compound eyes this morning as she promised to keep you busy; she certainly does move fast, you think as you look out the window.

The very same trait that you don't appreciate at all about most spiders is most welcome in this case.

Were human girls in that much demand, that she'd been able to book you that very night?

Your taxi driver is a monster, which means he passes the intricate booby traps that ring the edges of each district with ease. It's the only uncomplicated thing about the arrangement.

Human-driven taxis can't go to the monster districts, and Muffet warned you that being frequently picked up by a monster-driven taxi would open you up to harassment,

so you had to take two taxis just to get to your destination. She'd laughed that affected laugh and patted you on the shoulder with one of her legs as she promised the money would be worth it.

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