A Protector and A Destroyer
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A Protector and A Destroyer

It was midmorning when Piotr decided to take a walk around the grounds of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. In a few minutes, he would attend his therapy session with Hank.

He offered for free a few weeks ago so Piotr decided to give it a try. His powers were getting somewhat better because of it.

He didn’t need the armor designed by Cable to keep him in metal form anymore although he still found it hard to transform from flesh to metal and vice versa,

still… it was refreshing to wear actual clothes for once after such a long time of… fighting.

The air was fresh this morning, classes are starting and he could already imagine students running around the hall, others laughing so early in the morning as they get into class.

He passed a few others along his way outside who seemed to recognize him. The other students gave a nod, others a cold shoulder, some even turned around the other way.

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