A Previous Life
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A Previous Life

"What are you thinking about?"

Ianto turned to Jack with a raised eyebrow, surprised at the question, then looked back out over the bay as he considered.


"Once upon a time, in a previous life, like." Ianto decided to be truthful, "I was a fisherman named Bjorn."

"Bjorn." Jack grinned as he watched Ianto squint into the wind and he settled against the railing.

"Yep. Me hair was long, brushing me shoulders and bleached at the tips. I wore woolen jerseys knitted by me wife."

"Oh. Was she nice?" Jack asked with glee as he realized he was going to get one of Ianto's stories.


"Ooo, good name." Jack turned back to look over the bay as well as he tried to let his imagination match his lover's.

"Gretta had rust coloured hair. She used to cut it herself with a pair of sheers she had for the sheep.

It was a bit like a pixie cut, women pay big money for it these days but I always hated coming home to find it short again" Ianto lamented.

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