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A fanfic by dancerjb posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Pretty Kitty

Tommy could hear someone calling him, why couldn’t he answer them? What was stopping him? He started to move his head but it hurt like hell.

“Adam, hey Adam, wake up. Tommy’s stiring.”

“Nngh, what?”

“It’s Tommy….”

“What’s happened has something happened whilst I’ve been asleep?”

“No honey, Tommy he just moved.”

Adam was at Tommy’s side quicker than you could say Glam Nation Tour. “Tommy, hey Glitterbaby, wake up, please. I need you to come back to me. Please Tommy.”

“Mmm where….ngh hurts…where am I?”

“Hey, baby you’re gonna be alright.” Adam leant down and brushed his lips against Tommy’s forehead.

“Where….where am I?”

“You’re in hospital vayvee, you had a bit of an accident.”


“Tuesday night. We went to that club, remember?”

“Mmm sort of. I….” Tommy tried to move, “shit…hurts.”

“Don’t move Tommy Joe, you’ve got a deep laceration to the back of your head. You were kept in to monitor concussion, but the doctors say that once you’ve had something to drink you can go home.

Well home to the tour bus.”

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