A Pretty Good Bad Idea
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A Pretty Good Bad Idea

Toni walked into the station house humming. Not her usual MO, but for once her day was off to a decent start.

She'd taken the L, and walking the last few blocks from the stop through the newly cool fall air had been almost as good at waking her up as the triple shot latte she'd picked up at a deli.

Of all the things she liked about Chicago, the sweltering Augusts were pretty low on the list, and it was a relief to hit mid-September and know ninety-degree days were done.

It didn't hurt her mood that she had a date lined up for tomorrow. Technically it wasn't a date; she and Hobson were meeting Rachel Pemberton and her daughter for a picnic in Garibaldi park.

A few months ago, they'd protected Rachel and Addie from a mob family together, and they'd stayed in touch, mostly at Hobson's urging.

It wasn't exactly WITSEC protocol, but she wasn't a Marshal anymore, and Rachel needed some support re-establishing her life.

Toni wasn't sure which she was looking forward to more: hanging out with Rachel or watching Hobson become completely engrossed in playing with an eleven-month-old.

The prospect made today's mountain of paperwork easier to face.

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