A Pound of Flesh
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A Pound of Flesh

In one world, Nagachika Hideyoshi waits and waits and

for his best friend to tell the truth. Hide wants so desperately to be wrong, despite the mounting evidence before him, so he puts his hands over his eyes and waits.

He knows the truth, has known it for ages, has known it even before he went to the CCG, but he dares not say it out loud.

It's only real if Kaneki admits to it, so Hide doesn't dare push his best friend.

In another world, Hide still doesn't push Kaneki for the truth. Instead, he pushes Touka.

Kaneki has been missing for months. Officially, Hide has no idea where Kaneki went or what happened.

Unofficially, the words “ghouls” and “Aogiri” fill Hide's head, and he knows something terrible has happened. Kaneki is alive, that much Hide is certain of, but anything more is...hazy.

Hide has little information, and little means to get said information besides going to the CCG.

Even there, working with humanity's greatest counter measure against ghouls, Hide is missing key puzzle pieces.

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