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i hope you read this, but i hope you don't .
-by R, for C

A poem about you

Just to see you makes me smile, to see you walking to class. It hurts because I like you, but you like her. and even though I try, You'll never like me the way you like her.

She hurt you, which hurts me. but you still love her, and I could never compete. I feel safe when I'm with you. I feel wanted when I'm with you. I feel alive when I'm with you. But I'll never be with you.

I see a future with you, you see a friend in me. Knowing that I'll never be enough, that's the worst part of it. Even though you broke my heart, I still want you to have it.

Seeing you is like seeing the world through a whole new lens, Being with you is like noting else matters. I keep telling myself I'll get over you, Find someone better for me. But what if there isn't anyone better than you? Do I just settle?

Deep down I will always like you, And I know you see that. Because even though I'm not your first love, Or your next, I want to be your last.

I tell everyone I'll get over you, But I don't know if I can. You treat me like no guy has ever treated me, with respect. When you walk in a room you light it up, and I could never unsee that.

You ask me to hang out, And we either have a blast, of you ignore me the whole night. There is no in-between. You tell me I'm your favorite person, your best friend. but sometimes you act like I'm not there. and I'm always there. I'm always here.

I love seeing you happy, but it sucks at the same time. because I know that your joy isn't coming from me, and I wish I could make you happy. It's not fair for me, the way you play me. The way you put me in a trance, It's not fair for me.

You know the power and control you have over me. I feel like I'm your college toy, Your vacation away from your ex, Who we all know you still love. Why can't you love me. Why can't I love you. I can't. But why?

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