A Place to Belong
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A Place to Belong

The gravel was crunching under the tires as the car pulled in the driveway of the seaside house. The typical British fog gently covered everything.

An odd lone and bulky figure exited the car to be greeted by the cold February air, not the he could have felt it, he thought, musing at the memories brought up by the sight of the snow,

as he made his way toward the shabby cottage perched on the cliff.

As the person, if he could still be called that, was about to knock on the door, he found himself welcome by the Samaritan aiming right at his head,

or where his head should be if he still had one. A disbelieving red face found itself starring at it's own reflection in the translucent bowl and was replace shortly by a scowling one.

''Oh, it's you. So it's your turn now?''

''Hello to you too, Hellboy! Long time no see! How was my trip? Oh, very pleasant, such a lovely countryside. Yes, I'm still disembodied, thank you for asking.

It's really a joy to see a familiar face.'' said Krauss in a cheerful voice dripping with sarcasm.

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