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A Place to Be

The air inside the runabout was just this side of not stale, although the regeneration filters had improved over the years.

Dressed in the dark gray uniform of the new Federation – the one at war with the Dominion – the one who couldn’t keep straight who were their enemy and who was their alley and would sell

anyone out at the slightest provocation.  Threats of changlings on Earth had gotten her out of the classroom and back into training.

She had been a science officer for many years, trained at the Vulcan Science Academy.

Once upon a time, she even had the great honor of being one of Professor Sarak’s students in a debate class regarding Ethics and Logic.

A hand brushed her more wavy than curly brown hair behind her ear, slightly brushing the tip of her own ear as she did so.

A smile graced her lips, as she thought about the long and sorted past that she had over the years.  Her first two assignments had been on starships.

She took a long reprieve back on Vulcan, enjoying the scenery and learning how to school her expressions the way they did.

The stigma of being a half-blood was waning over the past century, but it was still there.  Their politeness was feigned, and after a time she realized that her time to be like them had passed.

She was who she was.  She had chosen to be like her human father, rather than her Vulcan mother.  Others had a similar choice.  Hers was not the popular one to go by.

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