A Place of Our Own
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A Place of Our Own

It hadn’t been easy, reestablishing a life in the 21st century.

However, by this point, Steve had worked out a comfortable place for himself; a routine, a purpose,

and he had found a niche for himself on the line right between his job- working with SHIELD and leading the Avengers- and his friends and family- the Avengers themselves.

New York had been the tip of the iceberg; the world still needed the Avengers for so much more.

Yet, it had been the catalyst to pull this group of diverse, talented, and capable people together,

even if it was sometimes a little crazy and they were all prone to infighting and some of them thrived off chaos.

And, after New York, after Tony redesigned and refurbished the tower, they had never really left and gone their separate ways.

Tony had been kind and generous enough- and a small part of him thought perhaps lonely enough- to customize and prepare an entire floor of the tower for each of them,

not to mention creating the communal floor with kitchen, living space, and entertainment center, and the floor with the gym, training equipment, and shooting ranges,

as well as the multiple floors of Tony’s workshop and Banner’s lab. He had created a base of operations for the Avengers, and a home.

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