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A Part

Just because he was the Ronin of Torrent didn’t necessarily mean Cye loved the rain. Rain didn’t really bother him and a light drizzle was actually very soothing to watch and listen to.

But a torrential downpour for three days was more rain than he liked. Especially when it was humid as hell and raining.

It was late November for crying out loud! This humidity and heat should be past them.

Days like this made making pottery next to impossible for him with all the moister in the air. It also slowed down business.

And of course today would be the day that the air conditioner in the shop blew a fuse.

He let out a long exasperated sigh,

The train stopped and he stepped out of the car onto the platform, opening his umbrella he gazed up at the large building across from him.

This high-end luxury hotel had opened in February and was specifically design to cater only to foreigners. And Rachel had landed a job working in their café on one of the higher levels.

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