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A fanfic by light (gabbi73) adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A painter's world

Tom looked at his silly house. It did not fit in beside the luxurious house that was making it hard to even locate his own.

How some people could have so much wealth, while others were barely making ends meet, was rather astonishing to him.

Yet, it had been cheap and with a beautiful shared garden.

The garden was perhaps mostly the other house owners’ property, since it had not been included much in the pricing and it was way too big for him to even be able to pay for 5 % of it.

It might even be that the last owner put it into the notice, just to get more money for the house.

Looking at the size of it though, the rich people living in the house beside his, probably wouldn’t even notice him being there.

All in all, it was the enormous garden that parted the two houses. And so, saying it lay right beside wasn’t completely true.

But there were no other houses close by, though the heart of the city were about a 15 minute ride from here.

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